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Outlook Tip : Compacting PST Files regularly

When you delete or move messages around in PST files, the PST files can get fragmented.  Outlook does compact the PST files slowly in the background but you should compact at least once a month depending on how many messages you delete.  This will recover disk space back quicker as well.

To do this manually, right-click on the PST file you want to compact.  The properties dialog appears.

Click on the advanced button and the following dialog appears.

PST Advanced Properties

Click on the Compact Now button and the progress window appears.

PST Progress Window

Depending on how large the PST file and the number of messages you have deleted, it will take a while.  Once finished, click the Okay button twice to dismiss the dialogs.



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XNA 4 Graphics Card error

We are working on an XNA game which will be released very soon.  When we upgraded from XNA 3.1  to XNA 4.0, we found it wouldn’t compile and run.  All submissions to Microsoft’s XBox Live Indie Games marketplace now only accept 4.0 submissions.

If you have an old video card, an error might appear.

Error dialog when running application

You will need to change the settings for XNA Game Studio. Right click on the project and select properties.

Select the Use Reach option and then close the properties window.

Click on the Start Debuging (or press F5).  The application will run.




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